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House of Cards open thread (and a few thoughts on Frank and Claire)


I’ve just spend this weekend binging on Season 3 of House of Cards. I heartily approve of this “let’s release all the episodes all at once” concept so we don’t have to die of suspense from week to week.

One of the things I have loved about this show is Frank and Claire’s relationship. They are horrible people, but I envy their marriage: they truly care about each other, and they are unfailingly supportive of each other. Or, at least, that had been true. I’m not sure if it is anymore… and I’m definitely not feeling that same envy now.

This continues to be true, however: I don’t know if they are actually trying to do real good that will help real people. And if they are, does that excuse their horribleness? Do they seek power for its own sake, and if they do, is that okay if they leave the world a net positive in the end? Or is there no way to balance out the awful things they have done?

Feel free to discuss this and/or other aspects of the show as you wish…

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