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London photo: advertising is as advertising does


I’m not sure how a financial product for long-term investment is like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. Maybe it invests in some sort of fruit company?

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  • Jurgan

    “Except with us, you always know what you’re gonna get?” So it’s the exact opposite of the proverbial box of chocolates? Also, I’m impressed with how timely this reference is.

  • NorthernStar

    Do people really not know what chocolates are in boxes? Does no one read the little card/lid of the box description?

    Loathed Forest Bump for many reasons. That line is one.

  • If you want to maintain an illusion of suspense and mystery, you don’t read the little card. :-)

  • The ad really jumped out at me for how bizarre it is on so many levels, including the two you mention.

    There’s this, too: Should people be inspired to trust their money to a company that wants to make you think of a man who might have been very nice but even had to acknowledge himself that he was “not a smart man”?

  • RogerBW

    “You know you’re stupid. We know you’re stupid. Give us your money. We’ll give you some of it back. Maybe. One day.”

  • Bluejay

    Maybe they want you to think that if you get your legs blown off in jungle combat, they’ll stop at nothing to come and rescue you.

  • RogerBW

    Right up until they’ve spent all your money on the rescue. Then they go home.

  • Jurgan

    The reference is a bit dated- I’m told there was a time when they didn’t come with the little card.

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