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a few thoughts about Game of Thrones S05 E01 (“The Wars to Come“) and open thread


I am not gonna have time to blog in-depth about the new series of Game of Thrones, but I will post a few thoughts after each new episode and give you a chance to talk among yourselves about whatever is happening. (And of course I’ll jump into the comments as much as I’m able.)

Until I say otherwise, take it as a given that I love this show for its complex story and its fascinating characters. That’s the baseline that I’m working from.

That said, GoT needs to stop being so coy about male nudity.


If women are going full-frontal, then so should the men.

Other thoughts this episode prompted:

• This show may be the best representation of how religion infests politics — and by this I mean, even today in the real world — that I’ve ever seen.

• When Tyrion says, “The drunken dwarf will never be the savior of the Seven Kingdoms,” I tend to think he will.

• Wisdom for the ages: “The future is shit. Just like the past.”

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  • Constable

    There have been a few sand snakes on screen, but it isn’t nearly as frequent.

  • althea

    And seems like, quite a while ago. Whereas we get…on a regular basis. (Couldn’t think of a clever metaphor right away.)

  • bronxbee

    although i haven’t yet watched the show, it has been even making ArtNews reports. there’s a fan created art book coming out if the funding can be reached: https://news.artnet.com/in-brief/game-of-thrones-fan-art-book-287173

  • Constable

    I can’t believe I’m linking a College Humor clip but it is just so relevant to what you said about male nudity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I333hqsRk-Y

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