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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

a few thoughts about Game of Thrones S05 E02 (“The House of Black and White”) and open thread


I’m not gonna have time to blog in-depth about the new series of Game of Thrones, but I’m posting a few thoughts after each new episode. Please feel free to talk among yourselves about whatever is happening. (And of course I’ll jump into the comments as much as I’m able.)

Until I say otherwise, take it as a given that I love this show for its complex story and its fascinating characters. That’s the baseline that I’m working from.


So, Braavos is Venice. Cool.

Things that are so not going to work out well:

• Jaime Lannister heading to Dorne to rescue his daughter/niece.

• Cersei Lannister basically encouraging the murder of all the dwarfs in Westeros in case one of them turns out to be Tyrion.

Gilly’s story about his sisters’ “grayscale” is horrifying. It sounds like people devolve into some sort of reptilian creature. Terrible.

Early in the episode I was starting to think that perhaps Dany is the only person with any power in this world (and least of those we’ve met) who are in any way decent or have any interest beyond self-interest. (The small bit of evidence we have on the Prince of Dorne suggests he might be okay.) But now that — SPOILER! — Jon Snow is leader of the Night’s Watch, perhaps we can count him, too.

Which made me suddenly wonder whether possession of the Iron Throne is going to eventually come down to a battle between Dany and Jon. Wouldn’t it be interesting if it were a contest between two really good people? (Unless they turn out bad, too. They are both young, after all. Plenty of time for them to get corrupted.)

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