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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

London car: rubber car


Either this car thinks it’s Batman, or someone is inordinately worried about nicks and dents. (Spotted in Kensington.)

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  • LaSargenta

    WOW. I can’t believe someone went to all that trouble.

  • Danielm80

    What you don’t know is: The driver is laminated, in case it rains.

  • Constable

    and their house is vacuum sealed, in case of plague.

  • RogerBW

    That may be what the young people these days mean when they talk about carbon fibre. (It’s lighter, so your tiny-engined car will be a mean street-racing machine. Honest. But it’s also very expensive, so things that look a bit like it are popular too.)

  • Danielm80

    Someone should design a house that’s built like a Thermos. When it reaches the perfect temperature, you screw on the lid, and then the house is comfortable in every season.

  • Bluejay
  • Constable

    Until you want to leave the house I guess.

  • Jonathan Roth

    I once saw a Mini in Edmonton that had been completely panelled with carpeting.

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