Turn: Washington’s Spies open thread

I have recently finished binging on the first season of AMC’s series Turn: Washington’s Spies. A huge thank-you to my friend Leah for alerting me to this show. I’m sure she’s heard me wonder in the past why o why no one had seemed to appreciate all the drama and passion inherent in the American Revolution and set a film or TV series there… and now someone has done it. (AMC’s website for the show is here. Season 2 debuts on April 13th.)

So, yeah: This is based on for-real stories about colonials on Long Island (not far from where I lived as a teenager!) who publicly professed loyalty to the English crown but secretly worked doing intelligence work for the Continental Army led by George Washington that was fighting to give the King the boot. It’s all very exciting and features very cool actors like Jamie Bell and J.J. Feild and Burn Gorman, and also includes some extremely interesting and complicated female characters (because women have war stories, too).

Feel free to discuss the show here…

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