a few thoughts about Game of Thrones S05 E07 (“The Gift”) and open thread


I’m not gonna have time to blog in-depth about the new series of Game of Thrones, but I’m posting a few thoughts after each new episode. Please feel free to talk among yourselves about whatever is happening. (And of course I’ll jump into the comments as much as I’m able.)

Until I say otherwise, take it as a given that I love this show for its complex story and its fascinating characters. That’s the baseline that I’m working from.


Eh, the whole show should just be about Tyrion and Daenerys. Why not?


I think we have found the most gratuitous boobs for this show ever. WTF? Was it the sight of her naked breasts that activated the poison in Bronn’s system? Because if not… jeez, come on.

“When the many stop fearing the few…” I’d like to think that the High Sparrow is a good guy, but I’m not so sure. Just because he threw Cersei in a cell doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some sort of ulterior motive. On the other hand, true devoted fanatics are the scariest people of all…

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Mon, May 25, 2015 8:57pm

I like how the show doesn’t take sides in the Olena/High Sparrow scene. We root for the Tyrells but, damn, the dude makes some good points. The dangerous allure of religion especially if you’re a suffering commoner.

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Tue, May 26, 2015 12:12pm

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Mon, May 25, 2015 9:30pm

Was it the sight of her naked boobs that activated the poison in Bronn’s system?

I thought it would have been really interesting if that were the case — if the Sand Snakes had enough advanced knowledge of biochemistry to devise a poison that remained latent until somehow activated by sexual arousal. But it looks like it was just a slow-working drug and Tyrene just really had its timing down. In which case, yeah, gratuitous boob-shot.

I’m really not digging the turn in Sansa’s story. Apart from all the reasons already mentioned about why the rape scene was a horrible idea, it also just doesn’t make sense given Sansa’s (apparent) arc towards becoming a steely, wily player who’s supposedly learned much from a master of manipulation, and who can take her fate into her own hands. Sure, she makes an attempt to get Theon to go get help, but it still really feels like a huge step back into Damsel in Distress territory. Apparently this was supposed to happen to a different character in the books? If so, it’s a poor fit for Sansa at this point in her development. (Maybe next episode she’ll get to do something with that sharp thingie she picked up.)

And again with the threat of rape this episode, with Gilly. Ugh.

I found Maester Aemon’s death very moving. “I dreamed that I was old.” Is this the only natural death on GoT so far?

On the one hand, I wish Tyrion had had more time with each of his traveling companions; I feel like there was still some great dialogue to be had between him and Varys, and him and Ser Jorah. On the other hand, I’m finding this season as a whole to be pretty slow going. Lots of pieces moving across the board, but not that compellingly so far…

Stannis offered the choice of sacrificing his daughter to ensure victory in battle? Shades of Agamemnon and Iphigenia…

Jonathan Pryce is so, so good.

Sun, May 31, 2015 8:00pm

Not sure where else to put this, but wanted to share. I find it a very convincing argument.