Female Filmmakers Forum: meet Gina Andreoli and check out the first episode of “The Weirdness”


For the inaugural Female Filmmakers Forum, writer-director Gina Andreoli shares her science fiction drama web series, “The Weirdness.” Here’s the pilot episode:

The Weirdness from Gina Andreoli on Vimeo.

Andreoli explains:

Patience is not my best virtue. When my brain gives me the creative green light, I go at it full force. But my current film project has forced patience upon me. This August marks the two-year anniversary of the birth of “The Weirdness”, my science fiction melodrama web series, and I have only managed to finish one eighteen minute episode so far [see it above]. The reason for this has nothing to do with laziness (I hope not anyway), but everything to do with practicality. After waiting for years until the “time was right” to begin a new project, I realized that the time was never going to be right, so with a great deal of impatience, I began. I didn’t have the time or money to assemble a cast and crew and put together a two-week shoot; but like the Army reserves, I could commit to one weekend a month, so that’s what I did. Truth be told, we did skip a few months here and there, mostly because of job obligations, but we always got back on the horse and picked up where we left off. Working this way has been oddly disconcerting. One month we shot an interior scene during an ice storm, and an exterior scene on a beautiful sunny day weeks later. One cast member went Hollywood and ended up on a comedy show. We cut his one scene and somehow the edit worked. I’m never quite sure who among the crew members will show up, yet somehow someone always does. We’ve become an odd little club, always promising to get together when we’re “not working”, yet only seeing each other when we are. Throughout all of it, my commitment has been tested, and yet I soldier on. Why? I guess the answer is I have learned to love the difficulty of it.

Nearly ten years ago I quit my day job to become an independent filmmaker. Maybe not the most practical undertaking, but I had recently passed the 40 mark and with a now or never impetus spurring me on and a healthy (for me) bank account beneath my wings, I flew into the unknown, and gee-whiz did I have fun. I, along with some friends, managed to produce a low budget web series that won some high praise and absolutely no money. The show, GEMINI RISING, was surely gonzo in every aspect of creation. In fact, I still marvel that we produced entire episodes in one day. It will forever be my psychedelic maiden voyage into filmmaking. The run-and-gun-and-have-a-lot-of-fun process (the craft service table was always well-stocked with libations) worked well for Gemini Rising’s mocu-rocku-mentary story and style. The Weirdness, however, is very different. By taking my time with it, I am allowing the story to slowly develop, unfold, and reveal itself to me along the way. It’s as experimental as it is ambitious. During last month’s shoot, we spent two days on one relatively short scene. Do I feel like the horse is slowly moving out from under me, leaving me in the dirt? Sometimes. My nightmares are full of losing control of it, but then that’s what the story is all about: nightmares. I have one more shooting day planned for episode two. Will we have cobwebs growing on us by the time the first season is done? Very likely. Am I complaining? Nah! I got over that one ten years ago.

(Reposted with permission from Andreoli’s blog.)

Keep an eye on Andreoli’s Vimeo channel or the series’ official site for new episodes of “The Weirdness.”

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Fri, Jul 03, 2015 10:36pm

The background music reminded me a bit of this indie artist: https://soundcloud.com/jakechudnow