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London photos: inside St. James Close


This past weekend in London was Open Garden Squares Weekend, during which many gardens and squares that are normally closed to the public open up and allow a good snoop around.

This is St. James Close in Islington, a private garden tucked between an old church and its former almshouse, and usually open only to the residents who live in the small group of houses around it.


(Click here for a larger version.)

It was very peaceful, and would be lovely to have outside your front door.

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  • Steve Gagen

    Very cottage-garden like – reminds me of my grandmother’s garden. She lived in the same house for over 70 years, and cultivated foxgloves, carrots, geraniums, parsnips, poppies, potatoes, daisies, tomatoes … all mixed up everywhere!

  • Sounds lovely!

  • Steve Gagen

    I loved her garden as a child because of its delightfully anarchic nature. She was one of life’s true eccentrics! As an example, she was extremely short-sighted but never wore glasses. Instead, she used to carry around a pair of opera glasses in order to be able to see distant detailed objects, such as bus numbers!

  • Sounds like my garden.
    I’ve been turning our little bid of land into a cottage garden for the past 15 years now. The first is a pic of our front “yard”. The other two are of my side “yard”. Notice the lack of grass. It’s all winding pathways, seating areas, and plants galore. My true passion!

  • Beautiful!

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