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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

London photo: painted everything in the Painted Hall


One last look at the Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, aka the U.K.’s “Sistine Chapel.”

(Click here for a larger version.)

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  • bronxbee

    been spending a lot of time there this week, or is this from your last trip?

  • These are from my only ever visit to the Painted Hall, which was months ago now. The Photos of the Day are hardly ever posted on the day I took them.

  • althea

    This place is really impressive! I’ve never been to Greenwich, but it would sure be worth going to see this.

    There’s a church (I think it was still a church – lost in the mists of time) that I saw in the 70s that has a spectacular trompe d’loeil that replaced an altar and that end of the room (I think with a window), which was destroyed in the Blitz. It was wonderful.

  • That church doesn’t ring a bell. Do you remember where it was?

  • Bluejay

    That church doesn’t ring a bell.

    Oh, well-punned! :-)

  • Totally unintentional!

  • althea

    Somewhere in or near the City. I’ve had a look online and found that the area is teeming with churches, but there’s too many. It seems that a lot of domes replaced with trompe d’loeil, and I keep going down rabbit holes. (Found the Greenwich site though.)

    The person who showed it to me worked for the Underground, and had an office in a station, which was (apparently) where I encountered him. He took me on a walk – he was one of those lovely people who enjoy learning about their territory and talking about it, and I’d never seen anything of the City. I suppose the church (maybe it was a chapel? It was small) was not far away. But I can’t tell which station either, or why I’d be going there.

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