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Paris photos: so many weddings!


Everywhere we went in Paris, we saw couples having their wedding photos taken. Most of them were Chinese (apparently the Chinese love fairy-tale weddings). A few minutes after I took the photo above, the same couple was vying with another couple for a prime spot in the plaza in front of Notre Dame:


One of the few non-Chinese couples (in the Jardin du Luxembourg):


There were three couples fighting for photo ops here: the couple on the left, the couple in the center, and the couple offscreen to the right (note the photographer aiming his lens at them):


This is the view they were fighting over:


On the banks of the Seine:


At another spectacular vista on Notre Dame:


(The bride looks a bit sour and unhappy at the moment I snapped, but she broke into a huge grin when she realized that I was getting a kick out of her wedding pix.)

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