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London photo: my new favorite screening room


The screening room in the private club Soho House Dean Street is the most luxurious and comfortable place I’ve ever seen a movie… or three. (I just spent all day there seeing films I will report on soon.)

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  • Qwaf

    You should post more of these, it’s interesting to know where critics watch movies and such.

  • Kathy_A

    Oh, I like the comfy chairs and the lamps! Not too long ago, my dad and I drove an extra 20 minutes to go see The Revenant (which I ended up not liking too much) at a Regal theatre with the reclining chairs and laptop tables. Both of us were highly impressed and will be returning as soon as Dad gets back on his feet (he just had his knee replaced a few weeks ago).

  • Often the press screenings are in regular multiplexes.

  • Laptop tables? Why are people using their laptops in the cinema?!

  • Liana

    To get their reviews started. And take notes.

  • Holy fuck, no.

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