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Barcelona photos: my other cities represent…

As you may have noticed, especially if you follow me on Facebook, I was in Barcelona for most of last week. (Yes, I know: I was only just in Seville in October. Never been to Spain before, and then I’m there twice in six weeks. This was not planned.) So I’ll share some photos from the trip until I run out of the most interesting ones. To start, Barcelona’s nods to my other cities, London and New York:

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  • bronxbee

    are they night time businesses?

  • LaSargenta

    Yes. Both pretty touristy, lots of ‘adventurous backpacking students on junior year abroad” kind of spots. But nice to hang out in when those aren’t around.

    Marsella supposedly had Hemingway as a regular. But, honestly, just about any bar around at the time could claim that, given the man’s reputation for booze.

    London Bar is very art nouveau inside.

  • I never checked! But I would presume so.

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