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Barcelona photos: the Sagrada Familia (view from the Nativity tower)

There are currently two towers at Antoni Gaudí’s unfinished basilica that you can ascend, the Passion tower, which faces the Mediterranean, and the Nativity tower, which faces the mountains. (The towers are named for the stories from Jesus’ life represented on the facades they face out of.) We weren’t given an option, when we purchased tower tickets, which one we’d get, but since we’d never been up either of them, it hardly mattered.

Some of what you get to see is simply not visible from the street:

And some you get a closer look at:

A bell tower:

The view of the city:

An elevator whisks you up to the top of the tower, but it’s a tight spiral staircase to get down again:

If you’re claustrophobic, leery of heights, or prone to dizziness, you’d probably want to think twice about this.

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