curated: “What It’s Like to Be a Female Movie Critic in the #MeToo Era”

Manohla Dargis says it all. I could have written every word of this. From The New York Times:

What I know from a life of watching and reviewing movies is that outrage is tedious, and exhausting. Sometimes it is just easier to go with the flow, though much depends on what’s happening onscreen and off. Sometimes, I don’t want to let a movie’s banal, casual sexism ruin my good time. So, I make expedient and strategic bargains with myself, glossing over some of the sexism and ignoring things that bother me (or trying to). I decide that the absence of female characters is acceptable or not too bad and maybe narratively justifiable. I want to keep grooving on the virtuosity of the directing, keep loving the (male) characters, the camerawork, gripping story and mysterious light.


I might just send this link to every fanboy from now on who wails about how I’ve ruined his life because because I don’t adore unreservedly the movies he loves, or — oddly conversely — how I’m a hypocrite for not being a raging SJW lesbian cat lady all the time.

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