reader Bluejay’s project to help us all stay sane (and I want yours too)

If you’re a regular reader of Flick Filosopher, you’ll have seen the thoughtful and insightful comments by Bluejay, a longtime and much appreciated member of my community. Now, he’s started a site to recommend “songs for sheltering,” or: “music for uplift, every day.” Bluejay doesn’t just recommend a new wonderful song every day, but he also writes beautifully about what these songs to mean to him and what makes them so uplifting. He’s also set up playlists on Spotify and YouTube, if you just want to listen.

Highly recommended for the sanity at this dark and uncomfortable time.

I’d be delighted to share other similar projects Flick Filosopher readers may be offering online to help us get through the coronavirus crisis. Please drop me an email and let me know what you’re up to, and that it’s okay for me to post about it.

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