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maryann johanson | takeaway only

bias alert: anticipating ’10,000 B.C.’ has me torn…

Mon Feb 04 2008, 10:01pm | 0 comments

bias alert!: psyched for ‘Cloverfield,’ dreading ‘Rambo’

Thu Jan 10 2008, 03:02am | 17 comments

bias alert!: I was wrong about ‘Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story’

Thu Dec 06 2007, 02:08pm | 4 comments

bias alert!: psyched for ‘Sweeney Todd,’ dreading ‘Walk Hard,’ still loving John Simm

Tue Nov 20 2007, 08:00pm | 0 comments

bias alert!: new obsession, new boyfriend: ‘Life on Mars’ and John Simm

Fri Oct 19 2007, 02:54am | 20 comments

bias alert!: still enthralled by ‘Doctor Who,’ psyched for the new Coen Brothers, dreadin’ the new Robert Zemeckis, more

Mon Oct 08 2007, 09:19pm | 9 comments

bias alert!: still consumed by ‘Doctor Who,’ psyched for ‘We Own the Night,’ dreadin’ ‘The Heartbreak Kid,’ hatin’ Dan Fogler

Mon Sep 24 2007, 12:40pm | 0 comments

bias alert!: continuing my obsession with ‘Doctor Who,’ psyched for ‘The Assassination of Jesse James,’ dreadin’ ‘Good Luck Chuck,’ still hatin’ Seth Rogen

Tue Aug 28 2007, 01:41pm | 1 comment

bias alert!: still totally obsessed with ‘Doctor Who,’ psyched for ‘3:10 to Yuma,’ dreadin’ ‘Balls of Fury,’ hatin’ Seth Rogen

Thu Aug 16 2007, 02:17pm | 5 comments

bias alert!: obsessed with ‘Doctor Who,’ psyched for ‘Stardust,’ dreadin’ ‘Superbad,’ hatin’ ‘I Know Who Killed Me’

Mon Jul 30 2007, 04:19pm | 20 comments

bias alert!: psyched for ‘Bourne,’ dreadin’ ‘Bratz,’ still lovin’ Richard Armitage, waitin’ on Harry Potter

Thu Jul 19 2007, 05:37pm | 3 comments

bias alert!: dreadin’ ‘Chuck and Larry,’ still lovin’ Richard Armitage, here comes the ‘Sunshine’

Thu Jun 28 2007, 12:29pm | 23 comments

bias alert!: hatin’ on ‘Knocked Up,’ lovin’ Richard Armitage, waitin’ on a rat

Wed Jun 06 2007, 11:16pm | 16 comments

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