bias update: October 19

obsession: Doctor Who (I keep buying new DVDs of the old show; see more after the jump)

boyfriend: Paul Gross in Eastwick (see more after the jump)

psyched: The Men Who Stare at Goats (George Clooney as a psychic warrior, and Ewan McGregor as anything? I’m so there; also, see more after the jump)

girl crush: Abbie Cornish as Fanny Brawne in Bright Star (what melancholy poetic type wouldn’t fall in love with her?)

dreading: 2012 (except I hope it’ll be cheesy fun, too; trashing the whole damn planet? we resemble that scenario)

enemy: director F. Gary Gray for Law Abiding Citizen (I hate to go all racial, but you’d think a black man would be more fearful of letting unthinking, primal emotion dictate “justice,” an approach that has imprisoned more black men unfairly than probably anything else)
Re: Doctor Who on DVD: The new BBC releases of the old series are spectacularly awesome; I haven’t come across a one yet that doesn’t include seriously cool commentary tracks by cast and crew and an obsessively completeist collection of extras, from new making-of featurettes to period TV spots and more. I’m gonna start blogging about the old stories ASAP. (See my Doctor Who guide for Amazon links to everything that currently available in both Region 1 and Region 2.)

Re: Paul Gross on Eastwick: This awful show makes me want to throw things at the screen with its blending of Harry Potter-esque magic and Desperate Housewives-esque anti-feminism — what pisses me off most is the notion that women are completely helpless to affect any change in their lives without a man (in this case, Old Scratch himself) to handle the logistics for them. That said: Paul Gross as the Devil is beyond delicious, and I will sell him my soul any day. I just wish the show was worthy of his talent and charisma. I hope they’re paying him a fortune, because there’s an element of soul-selling on his part, too…

Re: The Men Who Stare at Goats: I found this while searching for an image to use in the Bias Meter, and I love it too much not to share:


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