Twenty Twelve/The Games (review)

You must see Twenty Twelve if you’re a fan of smart, sharp social, cultural, media, and political satire and hugely entertaining comedic performances from some of the best British talent doing funny stuff today.

Blooded (review)

First-time feature filmmakers director Edward Boase and screenwriter James Walker want you know right off the bat that Blooded is not a “mockumentary.” But it is a fictional story told in an expansive documentary format — complete with “reenactments” of “real” events — that lends a powerful urgency and immediacy and relevance to an invented story in a way that a more narrative structure would have missed.

I’m Still Here (review)

Real or put-on, this is a disaster, a bratty, self-indulgent demand to be paid attention to, complete with the expectation that it will be paid attention to, because celebrity simply really is that irresistible no matter what it’s doing…