Just Go with It (review)

Is it any wonder that is always seems to be Jennifer Aniston, America’s It Girl, who gets screwed by spectacularly selfish men who embody this new American ideal of “Do whatever you want, to whomever you want, no matter how evil, no matter how wrong, and you will not only escape punishment, you will be richly rewarded for your antisocial behavior”? Poor Aniston: She is the foreclosure crisis of the modern Hollywood romantic comedy.

U.K. box office: ‘Nanny McPhee’ scolds ‘Alice’

And Sandra Bullock dropkicks previous football flicks: 1. Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang: £2.6 million (NEW) 2. Alice in Wonderland: £2.5 million (4th week; drops 48%) 3. The Blind Side: £1.3 million (NEW) 4. Shutter Island: £1.1 million (3rd week; drops 37%) 5. The Bounty Hunter: £.99 million (2nd week; drops 52%) (actual numbers, … more…