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One for the Money (trailer)

I need a shower from watching just this trailer. What is the movie gonna do to me?

It’s like The Bounty Hunter, only maybe worse. It’s like all the worst parts of an action comedy combined with all the worst parts of a romantic comedy, plus with Katherine Heigl as a brunette with a bad perm so that, what? We’ll think she’s more “real” or more “down to earth” or something?


Are there “lowlifes” hanging around Macy’s lingerie department? Men tend to avoid those areas of department stores, in my experience.

Funny hookers! Funny old people who belong in a home! A funny girl bounty hunter who’s such a dumb girl all a guy’s gotta do is tell her she’s sexy as hell to escape!

One for the Money Katherine Heigl

She may not have a clue, but she doesn’t have a clue! Ain’t female incompetence adorable?

US/Canada release date: Jan 27 2012 | UK release date: Feb 24 2012

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