new ‘Doctor Who’ star announcement to come on Saturday

I guess they weren’t kidding: David Tennant really is leaving Doctor Who after this year, and someone else really is replacing him. Tomorrow, the BBC will announce who that replacement is in a special episode of Doctor Who Confidential to air on BBC1 at 5:35pm Greenwich Time tomorrow. Which means 12:35pm Eastern, which means I’ll … more…

‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “The Next Doctor”

“Boy, boy! What day is it?” “Why, it’s new Doctor Who day, sir!” “I say, lad, run down to the Internet for me and pick up the fattest AVI upload of the new episode you can find! There’s an extra half crown in it for you if you can get it for me before Boxing Day!”

‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special preview!

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! Just five and a half more weeks to wait for new Doctor Who. Here’s a sneak peek: Reader Weimlady has offered her idea about what she thinks is going on: I want to go on record here and now with my guess as to what’s happening in the show. The other Doctor … more…

The Deal (review)

They’re trying to sell this 2003 movie as ‘the prequel to *The Queen.*’ It’s right there on the DVD box. Don’t be fooled by it.