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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

London photos: Fassett Square

Thu Jun 18 2015, 09:54pm | 3 comments

Doctor Who blogging: “Death in Heaven”

Sun Nov 09 2014, 10:32pm | 102 comments

Doctor Who blogging: “The Caretaker”

Sun Sep 28 2014, 07:00am | 39 comments

Doctor Who thing: can the Doctor bring down the repressive North Korean regime?

Mon Jan 13 2014, 01:04pm | 2 comments

Rust and Bone (De rouille et d’os) (London Film Festival review)

Tue Nov 06 2012, 04:20pm | 0 comments

BBC iPlayer goes international

Sun Jul 31 2011, 08:24pm | 0 comments

‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: nobody knows what the hell is going on with Season 7, not even Twitter

Tue Jun 14 2011, 11:01pm | 0 comments

Facebook smears Google; Disney trademarks “Seal Team 6”; men made ‘Bridesmaids’ suck; more: leftover links

Sun May 15 2011, 10:25pm | 0 comments

‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: the Doctor saves the British National Television Awards

Mon Jan 31 2011, 09:42am | 0 comments

Armond White makes Annette Bening cry; Fight Club: The Musical?; Wal-Mart woos NYC with ad campaign; more: leftover links

Sun Jan 16 2011, 03:27pm | 0 comments

reality TV hates women; pirates love ‘Lost’ and ‘Heroes’; Kevin Smith announces career makeover; more: leftover links

Sun Jan 02 2011, 12:23pm | 0 comments

Martin Freeman is not Bilbo; Apple takes over Twitter; ‘The Dark Tower’ is a go; more: leftover links

Sun Sep 12 2010, 01:06pm | 4 comments

The Full Monty (review)

Mon Sep 15 1997, 12:28am | 0 comments

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