‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: nobody knows what the hell is going on with Season 7, not even Twitter

If only we had a TARDIS and could pop ahead to see what we’ll get, Doctor Who wise, in the next year or so. But we don’t. So today the Twitter was all abuzz with fear and loathing and dread and suchlike, all because one guy tweeted that another guy said there wouldn’t be a full season of the show in 2012. Or maybe it was all a joke.

It all started when BBC1 controller Danny Cohen said something about Doctor Who in a speech he gave earlier today. The Guardian’s writeup on the speech focuses on Cohen’s comments on EastEnders, a soap opera that features zero Time Lords. It was journalist Lizo Mzimba who tweeted about what Cohen said, but this thirdhand explanation is the closest we’ve gotten to Cohen’s actual words:

BBC also says Danny Cohen’s remark that short series was because Steven Moffat needed time to write Sherlock was meant to be light hearted.

So maybe that means that 2012 will consist of the 14 episodes — Christmas plus the usual additional 13 — we’ve previously been promised after all.

Although we hadn’t been promised a timeframe on those episodes. Mzimbo tweeted this just a few minutes ago:

Bit of confusion, to summarise: no FULL 13 episode series of Dr Who in 2012. So some episodes will still go out in 2012. Remainder in 2013.

Whenever it airs, it’s more Doctor Who. So I’m good with it.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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