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London photos: Fassett Square


This past weekend in London was Open Garden Squares Weekend, during which many gardens and squares that are normally closed to the public open up and allow a good snoop around.


Fassett Square, in Hackney, is a pretty little square famous as the inspiration for Albert Square, where the soap EastEnders is set. (The show is not shot here, however.)


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  • LaSargenta

    All these pictures are lovely. Early summer and the long days around the solstice are perfect for hanging about in gardens.

  • It’s insane how long the days are this time of year here. Sun’s up by 5am and it’s still not fully dark at 9:30pm. (London gets a full extra hour of sunlight over NYC in summer.)

  • LaSargenta

    I know!! It is even a longer twilight in Scotland. I remember being there during one really warm June and sitting about until past 10 at night in this golden haze day after day.

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