Hereafter (review)

I sincerely cannot help but worry, with no snarkiness intended whatsoever, whether Clint Eastwood has gone senile. He is 80, after all. I hope this not the case, of course, and I certainly don’t wish it on the guy, but I can’t imagine what else explains this utterly baffling film.

question of the day: Ron Howard’s Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’? No, seriously: What are these people thinking?

Have you read any of Stephen King’s series The Dark Tower? No? Imagine if Clint Eastwood and James Joyce collaborated on a trippy fantasy about the mystical quest of a gunslinger. It’s weird and fascinating and has inspired a cultish following (and I really need to read more of the series [Amazon U.S.] [Amazon Canada] … more…

trailer break: ‘The Damned United’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… I don’t know much about football — the sport the rest of the world calls football, I mean, not what we Americans call football — and what I do know thrills me not one teeny bit. But I do know that Michael Sheen is a riveting screen … more…

Frost/Nixon (review)

This was the sort of hopeless dread the news that Ron Howard was directing this left me with. I felt like Robert Stack in *Airplane!*: ‘It’s a goddamn waste of time — there’s no way he can land this plane!’

North American box office: audiences say no to ‘Yes Man’

Just a quick look at last weekend’s number as we head into the long holiday stretch, which will, in effect, be one long “weekend” starting tomorrow, Christmas Day, and running through Sunday, January 4: 1. Yes Man: $18.2 million (NEW) 2. Seven Pounds: $14.9 million (NEW) 3. The Tale of Despereaux: $10 million (NEW) 4. … more…