trailer break: ‘The Damned United’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

I don’t know much about football — the sport the rest of the world calls football, I mean, not what we Americans call football — and what I do know thrills me not one teeny bit. But I do know that Michael Sheen is a riveting screen presence, and that makes me want to see this film. It’s unlikely to play in the U.S., because football is barely on the radar here. Guess I’ll buy a Region 2 DVD eventually.

Oh, and screenwriter Peter Morgan makes me want to see this, too: The Queen and Frost/Nixon are perfectly written movies.

It’s interesting to note that Sheen stars in both those movies, too, and in all three of these films, he plays real people. I wonder if he’ll ever get the chance at a prominent role that’s entirely his own invention…

The Damned United opens in the U.K. on March 27; no U.S. release date has been announced.

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