Red Sparrow movie review: undercovers agent

Ballerina turned whore-spy? This is like a cheap porn scenario, and the Hollywood gloss makes it worse. Risible yet tedious, yet another movie by men that thinks it’s critiquing misogyny yet is indistinguishable from it.

Margin Call (review)

Wily humor and sly observations about the lives of these high rollers are the highlights. It’s when those give way to issues of morality that the film disappoints, just a little…

The Lion King in 3D (review)

However crass Disney’s motivation may have been in rereleasing the film, it’s cheering to see that even in this era of awesome home-entertainment setups and increasingly unpleasant multiplexes, people still want to see great movies on a big screen with big sound…

Longitude (review)

Here’s a three-hour (four, with commercials) movie about clocks: clocks being built, clocks being taken apart, clocks being talked about, clocks being restored. It should be as boring as watching paint dry, but instead it’s a thrilling intellectual adventure about the genius and obsession that drives both scientific discovery and scholarship.