wtf: ‘The Hurt Locker,’ for reals

I have no doubt that when historians look back at us from two thousand years in the future, they will sneer and express shock at reality television in the way that we sneer and express shock at the Roman spectacles of throwing Christians to the lions.

question of the day: Has TV simply gone crazy?

I’ve said more than once that even if Sturgeon’s Law holds true for TV — if 95 percent of what’s on the tube is crap (and that may be underestimating the amount of crap) — there’s still more non-crap than I can ever find the time to watch. Which is something I often take comfort … more…

question of the day: Is there no length to which ‘news’ networks will not go for a ‘story,’ to which audiences will not go for a ‘thrill,’ and to which parents will not go for public attention?

Surprise, surprise: the “balloon-boy” saga of late last week was all a stunt, a hoax, a publicity grab by the parents of the supposedly missing kid. Says the Los Angeles Times: The strange case of Falcon Heene took another twist Sunday when a Colorado sheriff said the boy’s parents had staged the runaway balloon saga … more…