Zookeeper (trailer)

I want to believe that this is a joke. Then again, I’ve been trying to convince myself for years that the movie-stardom of Kevin James is a joke, but it’s really real. So I guess this movie is real, too.

Unstoppable (review)

A runaway freight train loaded with dangerous chemicals is heading into a densely populated area! It’s a missile the size of the Chrysler Building! But wait! A reliable old-hand Hollywood star and a hungry new up-and-comer will save us all! Though there will be some explosions for your entertainment!

why ‘Seven Pounds’ is unethical

In my review of Seven Pounds I said this: [W]hat Will Smith(TM) is doing, particularly in the cases of these two of the seven people he is handing a pound of his flesh — either metaphorically or literally — is wildly unethical to the point that any honest version of this movie would end with … more…