Zookeeper (trailer)

I want to believe that this is a joke. Then again, I’ve been trying to convince myself for years that the movie-stardom of Kevin James is a joke, but it’s really real. So I guess this movie is real, too.

I complain a lot about how Hollywood hates women. But this looks like an excellent example of the corollary, which is that Hollywood hates men, too. In this instance, it’s by making them look like bumbling moron who require advice from zoo animals on such basic human behavior as how to interact with other human beings.

Then again, it’s a sure bet that this movie will end up with Kevin James deciding that the hot blonde chick isn’t right for him (even though she now wants him bad) but hot Rosario Dawson is the gal for him. And of course Dawson will find his toddler idiocy adorable.


Zookeeper opens in the U.S. and Canada on July 8, and in the U.K. on July 29.

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