question of the day: Do super actors make super heroes?

Iron Man 2 held on to the top spot of the North American box office this past weekend, adding another $52 million to its coffers and handily trouncing the No. 2 film, Robin Hood, which earned $36 million, even though the Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe adventure was new. (They jointly did much better a few years … more…

watch it: “Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) 2009”

It’s gonna be Neill Blomkamp and District 9 all over again, or at least that’s the hope. Sez Ben Child at the Guardian Film blog: [I]t’s pretty hard to ignore someone like Federico Alvarez, who has just been picked up by Sam Raimi’s production company Ghost House, for a $1m deal. The Uruguayan film-maker’s short … more…

District 9 (review)

Even as half my brain was ticking off all those little nods with a geek’s appreciation for fellow geekitude, the other half of my brain was so floored with surprise that this could all still feel so fresh, so original, so like nothing I’d ever seen before.

I Sell the Dead (review)

If it were a 30-minute comic episode of *The Twilight Zone,* this ambitious low-budget flick might not have overstayed its welcome, but dragged out to three times that running time, it cannot help but be more miss than hit.

trailer break: ‘I Sell the Dead’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… Awesome title. Sounds like a Sam Raimi movie. Awesome dialogue: “I need more corpses, and I need them now.” Well, who doesn’t? Awesome concept: a comedy about graverobbing is what the world has been waiting for. It’s nice to see that Dominic Monaghan has not let Lost … more…