Warren Beatty vs Pauline Kael, MacGruber movie in trouble, more: leftover links

Every week my browser gets cluttered up with tabs for stuff that I stumble across and figure I might be able to use as a Question of the Day or a WTF Thought for the Day or grist for some other post. And inevitably, I end the week with most of that material unused. But there’s no reason to let this stuff go to waste: I can still share it with you, for your amusement, and start the new week with a clean slate.

Herewith this week’s leftover links, in no particular order:
10 Lost Theories Inspired by Movies

Why Warren Beatty’s attack on Pauline Kael failed

Avatar shows how dumbing down works

The One About Quentin Tarantino Working Class Progressive Cinemas Greatest Open Secret. (Part One of Three)

Is the ‘MacGruber’ Movie Blowing Up Already?

A Brief History of Film Censorship in the USA

Wal-Mart, Target Put Squeeze on Redbox

Tucker Carlson’s Minions Call Rachel Maddow A Man

HBO eyes political series

Interview: Atom Egoyan – Putting all the pieces together

Media Notes: Jon Stewart’s Obama barbs on ‘The Daily Show’ are creating buzz

The Golden Girls: How One TV Show Turned A Generation Of American Boys Into Homosexuals

Against Closure: Why “Lost” Creators Should Resist the Urge to Tell All

‘Doctor Who’: Is David Tennant the best doctor ever?

Will Zachary Quinto Play Gershwin for Steven Spielberg?

Sam Raimi to direct The Shadow?

‘Parks and Recreation’ gets a third season: More Ron and Tom, please!

First Annual Fangirl Award Nominations

Limbaugh Lauded For “Exceptionally Impressive Fist Pumping Skills” As Miss America Judge

Miramax: What a moviegoer felt like, back in the summer of ’89

HBO clicks on Hollywood blogging

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