HBO is coming to the U.K.

Either people are actually very excited about HBO’s programming — such as Boardwalk Empire — coming to the U.K. on an official, this-is-HBO basis, or else Sky just wants people to be excited.

question of the day: What should Conan O’Brien do next?

We haven’t heard much from Conan O’Brien since NBC unceremoniously booted him from The Tonight Show after Jay Leno’s experiment with primetime chat flopped. But now, with the networks in the final throes of lining up next fall’s programming schedules, he’s back in the spotlight, if only a small one. The USA Today blog Technology … more…

trailer break: ‘V: The Series’

Take a break from work: watch a TV trailer… Heh: Alien babes are hot. Oh, man, remember when Diana ate that hamster? Remember when the aliens took off their faces and they were lizards? That was awesome. Can a remake possibly have anything as shocking up its sleeve? They’re already telling us here that we’re … more…