trailer break: ‘V: The Series’

Take a break from work: watch a TV trailer…

Heh: Alien babes are hot.

Oh, man, remember when Diana ate that hamster? Remember when the aliens took off their faces and they were lizards? That was awesome. Can a remake possibly have anything as shocking up its sleeve? They’re already telling us here that we’re gonna get lizards again, so are we all going to watch merely out of a sense of nostalgia to see the same story told in the same way again?

I suspect that if this new series were going to be break new ground in the way that, say, the reimagining of Battlestar Galactica did, it would be airing on Showtime or HBO — or maybe even Sci Fi, but probably not now that it’s SyFy — and not on ABC, which has managed to make Lost boring. Nothing in this trailer suggests to me that there’s any “reimagining” going on here.

And that could be a problem. Why do a straight-up remake of the 80s show? What’s the point? Why not pick up where the series left off, two decades on — are the Vistors still here? how has the resistance been going? what about the hybrid human-alien kid? How about following up on a promise that the second miniseries made that was never fulfilled in the single season of regular episodes? We learned that the Visitors had an enemy somewhere out there in space, and we sent a message to them, asking them to come help us. What if that enemy finally showed up, 20 years later, and that old maxim about the enemy of my enemy turned out to be a lot more complicated than we could have imagined?

Still: alien babes are hot. I can only figure that some geek at ABC fell in love with Morena Baccarin in Firefly (and why not? she’s gorgeous) and then had the brainstorm to create a new V series around her as the new Diana. (He’s not in the trailer, but the IMDB says Firefly’s Alan Tudyk is also appearing in the pilot, at least.)

Oh, and speaking of Lost: I guess Elizabeth Mitchell’s Juliette won’t be back — which we probably could have guessed after that, er, explosive season finale anyway — since she’s all over this.

I’m guessing it’s her teenage son who impregnates the blond alien chick for this series’ hybrid baby. Or maybe she impregnates him. Now, that could be awesome.

V: The Series will debut in the U.S. on ABC in the fall; there’s no word on when it will air in the U.K.

(via Modern Fabulosity)

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