Abduction (review)

I’m so excited cuz it’s like Taylor Lautner made a movie just for Team Jacob! Except he’s not a werewolf or anything silly or fantasy like that — he’s a real teenager with real problems. Like being the secret child of top international spies.

Paul (review)

What if you and your most superbly geeky bestest friend ever met an alien? I mean a real life honest-to-Carl Sagan extry terrestrial. What if? You would plotz. You would. Like Nick Frost’s Clive does here, you would giggle like a loon and then faint, out cold from the sheer splendidness of this happenstance. I know I would.

question of the day: Are movies and vices made for each other?

What’s the latest bullshit Avatar “criticism”? It promotes smoking. You know, because Sigourney Weaver smokes in the film and she’s also one of the good guys, that automatically means that James Cameron took a gazillion dollars from Big Tobacco to hook all the poor little childrens on the cancer stick. Cameron has responded to this … more…