Hawking review

An engaging documentary about the world-famous physicist that emphasizes the challenges of his personal life and the resilience of his humor and spirit.

aw, crap

I knew it! Stephen Hawking says aliens will want to enslave us and eat our brains, or maybe our sun, or something, and he’s, like, the smartest smart guy ever, so he should know, right? Then again… aliens can be cute: Or dangerous only insofar as they will expect you to buy them pints: Or … more…

watch it: “MC Hawking – What We Need More Of Is Science”

Continuing this week’s theme regarding the “debate” over health-care reform, surely you’ve heard that the proud ignoramuses who are screaming about “socialized medicine” and “death panels” would like us to believe that if Stephen Hawking lived in the U.K., he’d be dead — DEAD! — because the Nazi eugenicists would have deemed him not worthy … more…