Killers (review)

Kutcher is barely plausible in those TV ads for digital cameras, sneaking up on people to take their pictures. A spy and hired killer? Don’t make me laugh.

because Cruise Mountain Burrito has already been done

People, for no discernible reason, are putting Photoshop to purposes for which It Was Not Intended to create dubious works of surrealistic pop-culture art featuring, in the same composition, 1) Tom Selleck, 2) a waterfall, and 3) a sandwich. This is occurring at a Web site known as Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Because “Penguin Knob Warbler” … more…

The Love Letter (review)

Like a New England version of Northern Exposure, The Love Letter is full of intriguingly offbeat characters — from the nosy postmistress to the suspicious cop to Helen’s dotty grandmother (Titanic’s Gloria Stuart) to Miss Scattergoods (Geraldine McEwan), who works at the local historical society — with their own romantic secrets. Unsentimental and wonderfully modest, The Love Letter is that rare pleasure: a prickly yet succulent romantic comedy.