the worst movies of 2010

I’ve finally gotten through the last few films I needed to see for the year, and am now able to definitively declare that of the 208 new theatrical releases I saw during the award year (which doesn’t really end till the Oscars are handed out next month), these 10 are the very worst of the lot…

Country Strong (review)

There’s solid workmanship and an authentic emotional muscle in this movie. I was startled to find myself overwhelmed, eventually, by its ragged charms and its rough-edged vision of female power and pain.

Tron: Legacy (review)

This totally superfluous and eminently forgettable sequel to the groundbreaking 1982 flick Tron will make a bloody fortune, not because it embodies any qualities deserving of such, but out of compelling nostalgia and, well, not much else.

trailer break: ‘Tron Legacy’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… Looks like it’s gonna be 3D trailers all week long… I love this idea: Throw Legacy onto the end of any old movie when you remake/reboot it for that touch of class and elegance. Electric Boogaloo Legacy. Red Dawn Legacy. Teen Witch Legacy. Try it: it works … more…