female gazing at: Peter Davison

Oh, I do love the pretty blond boys. All Creatures Great and Small was one of my first forays into British drama on PBS when I was probably 12. And I instantly fell in love with Tristan, and with Peter Davison: My crush was sealed for life with Doctor Who: (I love the fancy sideburns. … more…

Frost/Nixon (review)

This was the sort of hopeless dread the news that Ron Howard was directing this left me with. I felt like Robert Stack in *Airplane!*: ‘It’s a goddamn waste of time — there’s no way he can land this plane!’

the show goes on without Tennant

As reader BillM (and others) noted in comments, David Tennant has had to drop out of West End performances of Hamlet through at least Christmas. At first it was just a nonspecified “back injury” that forced him to miss one performance, then a second, then it was “out for weeks to recover from surgery for … more…