deep thought

No one could have predicted that my Wii balance board would end up being the most expensive doorstop ever.

Wii of the weekend: ‘Ghostbusters’

Holy crap, do I loves me this game something fierce. I rented it from GameFly — one of my first rentals from that most excellent service — and I was so reluctant to return it that I eventually decided that it really did make more sense to buy it (only 20 bucks, new from Amazon) … more…

Wii of the weekend: ‘Toy Story Mania!’

Well, this is a huge letdown. A Toy Story game? How could that be less than awesome, I thought. And yet it’s not only disappointingly mundane and simplistic, it also has just about nothing to do with Toy Story. I was hoping for, I dunno, maybe a chance to explore Andy’s room, maybe have to … more…