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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

deep thought

No one could have predicted that my Wii balance board would end up being the most expensive doorstop ever.

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  • riley

    I could have. Nothing falls out of use faster than video game peripherals and exercise equipment. This is both.

  • repair guy too expensive?

  • get on that thing and play!

  • doa766

    you’re right, in the sense that if by “anyone” you mean the millions and millions of people who have a Wii with that accesory

  • Muzz

    At least they have a use. What the the hell the world is going to do with squillions of Rock Band drumkits in a year or two will probably be the subject of a reality show.

  • Michael

    I couldn’t have predicted that the Wii itself would be my most expensive doorstop. First party Nintendo games are really few and far between these days.

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