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Artemis Fowl movie review: falls foul of itself (#DisneyPlus)

Sun Jun 14 2020, 10:20pm | 5 comments

The House with a Clock in Its Walls movie review: good witches and not-so-good witches

Tue Sep 18 2018, 05:39pm | 10 comments

Bokeh movie review: blurry, lonely lives at the end of the world

Thu Mar 30 2017, 06:22pm | 23 comments

CHiPs movie review: they promised chip would happen, and it did

Mon Mar 27 2017, 10:22pm | 17 comments

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back movie review: don’t go back for the sequel

Wed Oct 19 2016, 04:45pm | 30 comments

Hangar 10 (aka The Rendlesham UFO Incident) movie review: where has all the sci-fi gone?

Fri Nov 07 2014, 03:15pm | 1 comment

if exposure to violent media influences violence in real life, why isn’t Comic-Con a bloodbath?

Sun Jul 27 2014, 08:34pm | 5 comments

London photo: entering the Thames Tunnel

Tue Jun 03 2014, 12:47am | 2 comments

Metro Manila review: world cinema writ small

Fri Sep 20 2013, 07:29pm | 4 comments

Doctor Who thing: US DVD customers get early peek at “The Name of the Doctor”

Tue May 14 2013, 12:03pm | 7 comments

women: always Other

Thu Apr 25 2013, 04:41pm | 0 comments

question of the day: Which fictional president would you like to see in the real White House?

Wed Nov 07 2012, 12:01pm | 0 comments

question of the day: Which fictional school do you wish you could attend?

Tue Sep 25 2012, 08:00am | 0 comments

question of the day: What disaster — natural or manmade, or a combination of the two — would you like to see depicted on film?

Thu Dec 08 2011, 10:19am | 0 comments

dodging the Egypt Internet crackdown; the Oscar race is already over; is Amazon going all out with unlimited streaming?; more: leftover links

Sun Feb 06 2011, 05:30pm | 0 comments

‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Marilyn Monroe was not married to the Doctor, okay?

Mon Jan 03 2011, 03:01am | 0 comments

I’m crushed…

Wed Apr 21 2010, 01:01pm | 61 comments

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