dream cast: hypothetical ‘Watchmen’ movie

It’s Thursday, and we’re gonna have some extra fun with Dream Cast this week. We’re gonna cast the classic graphic novel Watchmen… as if schlock producer Joel Silver’s production had actually gotten off the ground instead of the Zack Snyder-directed adaptation that just opened. (If you have a suggestion for an 80s TV show or … more…

best of 2007: 10 best movies

My picks for the best and worst movies of the year are no secret to anyone who follows my annual ranking of every new theatrical release I see. The ranking is a work-in-progress throughout the year. It begins when I see the first movie slated for release within a calendar year — for 2007, that … more…

300 (review)

The first person who uses any aspect of this flick to justify the American debacle in Iraq is getting a swat across the nose with a copy of *My Pet Goat.* Which King Leonides of Sparta does not sit reading while his country is threatened and attacked.