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Entourage: The Complete First Season (review)

It’s very easy to puncture the self-importance of Hollywood types, and this HBO original series never fails to take that easy route, though it cloaks itself in a veneer of intelligence and insight. Vince Chase is the hottest thing to hit the movies since Johnny Depp, but Adrian Grenier (Hart’s War) fails to make us understand what appeal he might have beyond a pretty face — anyway, the real “story” is how his hangers-on, pals from back home in Queens, shamelessly use their association with him to get sex, status, and simple attention. It’s even less exciting than it sounds. That may be the point of his made-for-HBO series — don’t envy the rich and famous or even their friends — but it’s hard to work up any enthusiasm when maneuvering the many temptations of the high life isn’t more than tedious for Vince’s half brother and wannabe actor Johnny (Kevin Dillon), his manager Eric (Kevin Connolly: John Q), and his “security advisor” Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), either. Only those in the thrall of Hollywood glamour and needing to have that fantasy punctured will find anything shocking or even noteworthy here. Even guest starts like Mark Wahlberg (an executive producer of the show), Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Val Kilmer, Gary Busey, Luke Wilson, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Larry David, and others fail to make a dramatic impression. Extras include behind-the-scenes interviews and audio commentaries with producers Doug Ellin and Larry Charles.

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