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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

time to launch my own vendetta

How does someone get to be 25 freakin’ years old without knowing that stealing is wrong? Like HaZel, who has posted my review of V for Vendetta on her Friendster blog as if it were her own.

What’s particularly hilarious — and particularly indicative of a full and complete knowledge that she was attempting to pass off the work of someone else as her own — is that she moved some text around and deleted some stuff that she maybe either didn’t understand or contained links to more of my content (like the link to Geek Philosophy and links to older reviews of mine).

I’ve contacted HaZel, of course, and Friendster as well, so there’s no need for anyone to perhaps post comments on her “review” or email her about this. No need at all.

Next thing we know, HaZel will be writing for WashingtonPost.com.

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  1. Your review of ‘Batman and Robin’ got quoted today in a list of the top 5 worst DC Comics movies:


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