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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

Snakes on a Motherfarking Fark Party (bumped up)

UPDATE 8.18: Hey, it’s not too late to join me and my regular gang of geeks and a whole new gang of Farksters at the AMC Empire in Times Square in NYC tonight for the 7pm showing of Snakes on a Plane. MovieTickets.com still has tix available. (Last night’s 10pm screening was nowhere near sold out, which surprised me; my review of the film is here.) We’ll go for drinks and food and fun afterwards at Dave & Busters. I’ll be standing around on the sidewalk outside the theater around 6pm with a sign reading FARK, though it looks like there’ll be way to many of us for us all to actually sit together in the theater. (I’ve gotten more than 30 RSVPs, with a lot of people saying they’re bringing friends with them.)

The movie itself? It’s fun, and pretty darn scary too. And I’ve gotta get on a plane next week to get to Worldcon in Southern California. So now not only do I have to wonder whether someone smuggled aboard a lip gloss or a bottle of water, now I have to worry about motherfuckin’ snakes on the motherfuckin’ plane. Great.

If you don’t know Fark.com, then you need to go check it out and then come on back. If you do know Fark.com, then you may have heard that the site is sponsoring a series of parties across North America on Friday, August 18, during which Farkster movie lovers will head out to see Snakes on a Plane and then indulge in drinking, eating, and general debauchery afterward.

I’m hosting the New York City Snakes on a Motherfarkin’ Fark Party, and I invite anyone and everyone to join us. We’ll see the 7pm show at the AMC Empire in Times Square — plan on arriving at the theater around 6pm — and then head down to the Dave and Buster’s accessible via the exit from the multiplex. Tix are on sale now, and I highly recommend buying a ticket ASAP so you can be sure to get into the show.

RSVP to me via this email link if you want us to keep an eye out for you, and so I can send you the final meetup details next week.

For those not in NYC, check out this site for a list of other cities in the U.S. and Canada where you can take in this flick with some likeminded snarksters.

New Line will not be screening the film in advance for critics, but I will attend a 10pm show next Thursday night and then run right home to post a review. So you’ll find my thoughts on the film right here on Friday morning.

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  1. Just RSVP’d. Many thanks !

  2. Maryann,

    Thanks for taking me into the fold on Friday (I just happened to be walking by the theater and saw your sign). I wish you all the best at Sundance, and you have a standing invitation if you ever find yourself in Boston (I’ll be in touch later).



  3. Oh yeah; I forgot one thing…will you be posting any of the post-screening party pics anywhere?


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