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‘The Totally Geeky Guide to The Princess Bride’: now on sale

Finally and at long last, I am happy and proud and giddy and all that to announce the publication of The Totally Geeky Guide to The Princess Bride. Yes, I retitled the book — it was like getting rid of a husband’s surname during a divorce. Plus, I kinda like this “totally geeky guide to” thing and may start a series. The Totally Geeky Guide to Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings? The Totally Geeky Guide to Bruce Campbell? The Totally Geeky Guide to The Prisoner? The Totally Geeky Guide to Max Headroom?

You’ll only encourage me if you buy this first one.

Here’s the deal. You can buy the book right now at Lulu.com. The price is $9.95 (plus postage) for, if I may say so myself, a rather handsome-looking POD book. Content aside, the quality of the physical item is absolutely on par with any traditionally published book you’d find in any bookstore. And Lulu’s service is superb. Micropatrons have been getting a sneak peek at the book for a couple weeks now, and here’s what one, Frank, had to say about Lulu:

I’m one of the adventuresome few who purchased your book from Lulu.com, and I just wanted to report that I got my copy today. I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet (I had it shipped to my office), but I do want to say a nice word about Lulu.com. I’ve purchased countless books from Amazon, Buy.com, and other online places, but Lulu is the first vendor to care enough about their books to wrap it in several sheets of foam padding to prevent scratches on the covers. Your book arrived in pristine shape – kudos to Lulu!

(By the way, micropatrons get the book at a special discounted price. Become a micropatron today, etc, etc.)

The book will show up on Amazon and Borders.com and so on eventually, but that’ll take about another six to eight weeks — the delay has to do with how the publishing industry distributes info about new books.


For autographed copies of the book, you’ll need to order directly from me. Here’s how to do it:

PayPal me $11.95 (that’s $9.95 for the book plus $2 for postage; add $1 if you’re outside the United States) for each copy you’d like to order to “thechick@flickfilosopher.com”, and in the Note section, be sure to put your mailing address. (This is super important — I need to know where to mail your copy(ies).) Also please use the Note section to indicate if you’d like the autograph personalized somehow — if you don’t indicate a preference, the autograph will NOT be personalized.

Ordering before September 1 would be most helpful, because that will help me determine how many copies of the book I need to order. I’ll fulfill these orders for autographed copies ASAP after I return from Worldcon — figure it’ll probably be early September at the earliest before you’ll get your copies, and it may be mid September if I sell out the 100 copies I’m bringing with me to Worldcon and need to order more copies.

I hope you all enjoy the book. All my love of movies is poured into it, and I’m happy with it, and I think you will be, too.

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  1. Yay, it’s published! I’ll have to wait for payday before ordering, unfortunately, but I will be buying a copy next month (this will be my first personal splurge purchase in this financially lean summer).

    And, if it does well, pleeeease do a Geek Guide to the LotR trilogy? I’ll buy lots of copies of that and ship them off to my many fellow LotR geek friends.

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