first ‘Spider-Man 3’ trailer hits the web

The movie doesn’t even open for another six months, and already I’m Officially Totally Psyched for Spider-Man 3, now that I’ve seen the brand-new trailer that just premiered today on iFilm. This is two minutes and 32 seconds of pure geek bliss, not because of the action or the cool FX or anything like that — though of course there’s plenty of that packed in here — but because it’s clear that the story of Peter Parker and his inner and outer journey as Spider-Man is going to advance. This isn’t a sequel that’s gonna tread water or give us more of what we’ve already seen (hello, X-Men: The Last Stand) — this is gonna take us to all new places.

They’re gonna be scary places. Happiness for Peter peeks out at us as the trailer opens — she knows who he really is! and he’s gonna ask MJ to marry him! — but almost instantly things that a grim turn. Peter finds the man who murdered his uncle back in the first movie, and the killer, naturally, has somehow acquired strange superpowers: he’s some kind of sand dude (I know he’s a character from the comic, but look, I’ve never been that big a comic-book geek, okay?), and Peter is tormeted by a desire for revenge. And Harry Osborn is now out to avenge his father’s death, and he holds Peter responsible for that. The fact that two fantastic actors, Tobey Maguire and James Franco, are in these roles has always been an indication of the maturity of this incarnation of the Spider-man story, and it looks like this time around they will both get to stretch and show their chops even more than previously. Seeing Maguire and Franco square off is, I suspect and hope, going to be one of the high points of Spider-man 3.

And seeing Maguire confront Peter’s demons is gonna be spectacular. “The greatest battle lies within,” the trailer tells us, and we believe that: we see Peter attacked by a creepy black substance that crawls over his body, infecting him with … what? Evil? Or does it just take away his self-control, which has always been an iffy thing with Peter anyway? “The power,” Peter’s voice echoes hauntingly from the trailer, “it feels good, to lose yourself to it.”

Is Peter gonna dark-side on us? Argh! I can’t wait for May!

Watch the trailer at iFilm.

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Fri, Nov 10, 2006 2:19pm

You really aren’t a comic geek, are you? It’s not pure evil. I’ll tell you that much.

Fri, Nov 10, 2006 3:05pm


Man oh man.

This looks good.

I noticed something, though. It seems that with each successive superhero movie, they add villains.

In the original Bat-franchise there was Joker; then Catwoman and Penguin; then Riddler and Two-Face; then Freeze and Ivy and Bane.

In X-Men it was Magneto, Mystique, Toad, and Sabretooth; in X2 it was Willim Stryker, Jason Stryker, Mariko Yushida, and his private army; in X3 it was Magneto and an army of muties.

Spider-Man had Green Goblin; Spider-Man 2 had Doc Ock and, to a lesser extent, Harry Osborn; Spider-Man 3 will have Sandman, Hobgoblin (or is Harry Green Goblin II? I can’t remember), and Venom (sort of).

In any case, whether it’s just because they can afford extra cast and/or effects or want to challenge the hero more, I dunno. But I LIKE it.

New Batman seems to go against that, with Scarecrow, the League of Shadows, and the Falcone family, as opposed to what looks to be just Joker in The Dark Knight. And I like that too; with Joker as the villain, you want a slower, more psychological Bat-story, more focused on character interaction. Joker is the one man Batman fears, and not because of his superhuman power level.

Fri, Nov 10, 2006 4:15pm

You really aren’t a comic geek, are you? It’s not pure evil. I’ll tell you that much.

I know it’s not pure evil. But I’ve only got so much time and energy to expend on geekiness, and comic books are low down on the list. Comic-book *movies* are pretty high… but movies of any kind are, obviously, pretty high on the list.

Sat, Nov 11, 2006 8:18pm

This is the one most of us have been waiting for. Sam is a God. I can’t stress that enough. He heard the fans and delivered what they wanted. I have enough faith in the man after seeing the first two that he’s done a fabulous job of it.

Phil Urich
Phil Urich
Sun, Nov 12, 2006 3:08am

Heh, well, honestly, alot of the time (until rather recently, and still it’s hit-and-miss) comic books were much more worth the time than movies derived from them. I understand your bias towards movies, but something like, say, Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan is quite undeniably time well spent. Spiderman comics, well, I’ll give you that one! (though back in my childhood I fell that way enough that I too know quite well about the….err, well, not to spoil it for you!).

However, an example to keep in mind. V For Vendetta was incredible, no doubts about that . . . but it was, nonetheless, a watered-down version of Alan Moore’s original. Sometimes the comics are worth it!

Sun, Nov 12, 2006 5:54pm

I didn’t say comics weren’t worth it.