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Grindhouse’s flopping at the box office

James Cameron’s 2009 flick Avatar, which has already got geeks psyched

anticipating the weekend à la Friday

the group experience of going to the movies

previewing The Reaping

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  • Ide Cyan

    _Blades of Glory_ is only half as long as _Grindhouse_, so theatres can only sell half as many tickets to _Grindhouse_ on any given day (assuming screening rooms containing the same number of seats).

  • MaryAnn

    But apparently *Grindhouse* was on more screens than *Blades* (even though it was at fewer overall venues). And I would assume that *Grindhouse* audiences are more amenable to midnight screenings, but *Blades*’ audience not so much.

    You really have to look at the per-screen averages for the best idea of how excited audiences were about a particular film. *Blades*’ per-screen last weekend was $6,604 — *Grindhouse*’s was $4,419.

    The film with the best per-screen last weekend was *Black Book,* which was playing on only 9 screens but made $12,502 on each of those screens, almost double what *Blades* made. (The reissue *Killer of Sheep* made $15,864 on each of two screens, but rereleases work on a different level, have built-in audiences, etc.)

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